2024 Velocity Invitational Entry Request

Applications due by March 15th

Entries received after March 31, 2024 will accrue a $200.00 late fee. Any withdrawals after August 1 will not be refunded or rolled over.

This year’s event will be held at SONOMA RACEWAY on OCTOBER 4-6, 2024.

To apply, please fill in the form located in the link below to complete your entry request.

For any inquires about the Velocity Invitational please email us at drivers@velocityinvitational.com

***Note – period prepared cars with racing history will be given priority. Please take your time and denote your car’s History on that section of this Entry Request.***

Please have the following ready before starting your Application Request to the 2024 Velocity Invitational:

*Competition License – Number, Expiration Date, Photo
*Medical Card – Expiration Date and Photo
*Car Info – Pertinent Information and Photos

Velocity Invitational Event Format:

Run Group Limit: In order to maintain a balanced and well-organized event, we aim to target each run group at 25 cars. If a group does not meet this limit, regrettably, we may need to exclude it from the event.

Application Period: We will begin accepting race group applications starting now until March 15, 2024. Entries received after March 31, 2024 will accrue a $200.00 late fee. Any withdrawals after August 1 will not be refunded or rolled over.

Selection Criteria: We will review all received applications and cars will be placed in their appropriate group from the list below. The primary focus for selection will be the history of cars within each group. If a car does not meet the required standard, we will be unable to include it in the event.

**We strive to create race groups of similar cars and not combine multiple dissimilar groups.  We also reserve the right to alter the below as needed for the purpose of creating a great event.